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missing you

"Because in another world, another time, they were meant to be."

jolie . 20. kyungsoo's voice is my drug. fallen deeply in love with oh sehun and can't get enough of his xiaolu. an EXO fan since april 2012 ♡

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I think hunhan makes the best characters out of their personality, they match well in fanfic in real live I don't believe in ships (only bromance) but I can't deny hunhan fanfic are the best!! Just my random thought


I love hunhan fics! They’re my first ever ship and I don’t regret it at all! I love them, and I really do love the fics from the hunhan community ^^

- Admin Nessa

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ARTIST: Tinashe
TRACK: Bated Breath
ALBUM: Aquarius
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ARTIST: Girls' Generation
TRACK: Indestructible